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TOPALi Privacy Policy

Although TOPALi runs on your local PC, its analysis methods are submitted (via web services) to remote high-performance compute clusters. This requires that the data you are working on be submitted too.

As part of a remote job submission, we also record:

Your data, once on the remote system, is stored locally during processing. It is fully deleted upon successful job completion when TOPALi requests the results be sent back to it. Data from a failed job will remain on the system for 3 days (to help us with bug tracking if necessary). Data from a successful job where TOPALi has yet to request it be sent back is kept for 30 days.

This data is currently sent compressed, but unencrypted over an insecure HTTP connection. If you have a strong requirement for data privacy then we suggest you do not run TOPALi's services as remote jobs. Use local job submission only. Information and instructions on submitting jobs so that they run locally on your desktop can be found in the TOPALi Help system, which is accessible from within TOPALi itself.